By Juul Van Bouwelen.

He is the face behind Lunarte Eyewear Agency.

Optician/optometrist by training and passionate about frames, in particular, frames with identity, quality and appearance. Over the years Juul worked with diffent exclusive brands. With Lunarte Eyewear Agency, he is now ready to supply the Benelux market with brands with an innovative approach.

See you soon! 



  J A C Q U E S  D U R A N D

Our fascination with pure forms and design quality results in a collection focused on quality and comfort. We are committed to excellence, and craftsmanship is the way we want to achieve it.

J A C Q U E S  D U R A N D atelier is the heart of the project. Our spirit of creative craftsmanship animates our work and finds fulfillment in the synergy of goldsmithing crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how. 

  Y O H J I  Y A M A M O T O 

Japanese fashion designer Y O H J I  Y A M A M O T O  is renowned for his avant-garde creations and bleak, austere style.

Yohji Yamamoto's eyewear is created with the same meticulous attention to detail and distinctive style as his apparel. They are renowned for their striking outlines and outsized, aggressive proportions. Unconventional materials like metal, acetate, and carbon fibre are frequently used in the spectacles.

G A R R E T T  L E I G H T

G A R R E T T  L E I G H T California Optical expresses the California lifestyle with contemporary classics and colorful, iconic designs inspired by styles of generations past.

G A R R E T T  L E I G H T  was born in Venice Beach in 1984 as a 4th generation Californian. Being the son of Oliver Peoples’ founders, Larry Leight and Cindy Leight, his childhood days were split between sports, the beach, and his family’s passion for eyewear.

G A R R E T T  L E I G H T  California Optical was created in 2010 and is fueled by a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear, dedicated to creating classic design by combining perfect craftmanship with timeless aesthetics.

Beauty, youth, art, fashion, photography, music, architecture and design in general inspire us as individuals and reflect our brand.

Y U I C H I   T O Y A M A 

Y U I C H I  TO Y A M A ’ s spectacles show elegance and know-how emphasized by the lightness of the material and the beauty in the details.

Designed in Tokyo, all frames are handmade in the well-known workshops of Sabae.